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Taking Control of Your Hormones

Feeling really out of whack lately? Regardless of your age hormones may be to blame for those random outbursts, stress or sleep problems.

You don't have to keep suffering! If you want to learn more about how introducing mindfulness can help your hormone health and overall wellbeing keep reading!

Identifying The Problem

The first step in identifying there may be a problem is admitting to yourself that you may not feel like your old self anymore. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly how you feel but if you or your loved ones have noticed a change in your behavior it may be time to take action.

What Is Mindfulness?

By definition, mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. So how do you incorporate this into everyday life? By simply choosing to live healthy, happy & aware.

While there are many ways to bring mindfulness to your life here are a few of our favorites:

Stay Organized

This is at the top of our list for a reason. SO much of the chaos in your life comes from being unorganized or simply unprepared. We live in a constant state of busy which creates a GO GO mentality which results in you running around like a chicken with your head cut off most of the time. Lack of direction or a solid organizational plan can lead to lack of focus (cause your thinking of what you need to do), lack of determination (cause you don't know what to do), distraction (focusing on things that aren't productive).

In this day and age our attention span is getting shorter, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as we learn how to adjust. For example, you start to do the laundry and in the process of picking up clothes off the bedroom floor realize you need to make the bed which ignites the idea you need to also clean the bathroom and by 1pm you realize you still haven't done the laundry. Having a clear and concise plan as to what your daily tasks look like can take the "thinking" about being productive off your plate and set your day up for success.

Yoga Or Exercise

Everybody has their nitch, but sticking to a fitness plan can have a HUGE impact on not only your health but how you feel about yourself & the way you carry yourself. Not big into getting sweaty? Try yoga! Having a regular yoga practice incorporates more than just pumping iron and losing inches, in fact they don't focus on that at all. During your yoga session, you learn how to slow down, focus on your body & your breath. All of these factors can greatly impact how you carry yourself in the real world. The focus here isn't to focus on your fitness JUST to lose weight, but to FEEL GREAT!

The breath is one of the most powerful tools you didn't know you had. Think back to the last time you were REALLY upset.

That hyperventilating, sobbing mess could have easily been controlled by allowing yourself the space to control your breath during these stressful situations. Think back to the last time you got angry, how could that situation have been different if you would have focused on your breathing before you spoke out of anger or lashed out? If you've been finding yourself in stressful situations take the time to go inside the body. Start by releasing tension in the neck & jaw then breathe in for a count of 4 seconds and out for a count of 8 seconds. See how your mood quickly changes.

Eat Well

It's true what they say, your body gives you as much as you give it. Living off of iced coffee until dinner just isn't going to cut it! You need fuel not only for your body but for your brain. While it's easy to hit the fast-food line, try healthy alternatives that are conveniently pre-packed. This will save you time while boosting energy and focus throughout the day!

Create Routines

Are you a stickler for a routine? You should be! Creating a routine can save you more time and energy than you realize. Much like staying organized, you can optimize your time and effort so that you're working smarter & not harder. Why do we always tend to make things harder on ourselves than we need to? Something as simple as setting out our clothes the night before can save up to 15-20 minutes off our mornings. Create a routine and stick with it! Of course you will have tweaks every now and again but it's important you create a system that works for not only you but your entire family!

Is Bioidentical Optimization Therapy Right For You?

Take the first step on the path to wellness by taking our hormone self-assesment quiz. for yourself or your partner.

Bioidentical hormone optimization may be the answer you've been looking for if you want to safely & naturally help with menopause symptoms & hormone imbalance.


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