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Enjoy Optimized Living with HTCA

Naturally, men and women have different experiences when living with declining hormone levels. Most women experience very distinct symptoms of hormone imbalance that affect their many aspects of every day life, relationships and overall wellbeing.


Hormones play a huge role in how your level of energy, how you feel, your mood and more. There is a huge difference between feeling “normal” and feeling optimal.  Restoring balance to your hormones may be the solution you've been searching for.

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What is
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is a safe and reliable method of hormone replacement therapy for men and women. It provides a steady, consistent level of hormones for up to 4 months in women, without the need for frequent injections or pills.


Pellets are made of natural, plant-derived hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally produced in the body, ensuring an optimal level of balance for the best possible results.


Our HTCA Certified Providers can help evaluate if this treatment is right for you - starting with a simple blood test.

Do You Have Symptoms Associated with Unbalanced Hormones?

Could you be a candidate for Hormone Optimization? Take our FREE, ONE MINUTE Quiz to find out.

Three Key Hormones in Women

Women's hormones are balanced between three types of therapies for the specific hormones found in women. Most people understand that estrogen is a female hormone, but it is not the only factor in restoring hormonal balance. 

In bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, finding the optimal balance is key to the best outcome. BHRT focuses on delivering the right amount of estrogen and testosterone into the body via subcutaneous pellets that dynamically release as the body needs it.


Testosterone levels play a key role for: mental clarity, lean muscle mass, bone density, skin tone, sexual performance and more.

Estrogen has protective functions against heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, memory disorders and more.

Progesterone protects against uterine and breast cancers, osteoporosis, fibrocystic disease and ovarian cysts.


Dedicated to Optimal Health Maintenance & Disease Prevention

How to
Get the Right Balance

Pellet therapy provides a customized dose for what your body needs, based on a simple blood test. Pellets deliver bio-identical hormones directly into the bloodstream throughout each day for up to 5 months, a benefit that pills, patches, creams, and shots cannot provide.


Pellets provide a continuous supply of hormones that your body recognizes as being very similar to its own, which significantly reduces the chance of adverse side effects. Using bio-identical hormone pellets can allow your body to integrate these hormones more naturally, therefore making you feel more like yourself more quickly.

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What to Expect

Ready to get started living an optimized life with balanced hormones?  Great!  Once you find an HTCA certified provider, here's what your BHRT Journey may look like:

1) COMPREHENSIVE BLOOD PANEL Your provider will measure all of the most important levels that affect your wellness and hormones.

2) INDIVIDUALIZED DOSING  Your provider will determine the best dose for you to begin your path to balanced hormones.

3) PELLET INSERTION Your provider with place rice-sized pellets just under the skin in a pain-free in-office procedure that takes 15 minutes or less.

4) FOLLOW UP BLOOD PANEL Your provider will check your new levels and determine if an extra dose is needed


Pellets last in the body up to 4 months and deliver the precise amount of hormones needed!
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